Wardrobe applying the mask.
"Nothing like a well dressed Pak'Ma'Ra"

Stephen with Claudia Christian

Cast photo from "VOR" Convention in Pomona, California

Stephen with Caffrey and Bryne.
Caffrey the dalmation was in the movie
"101 Dalmations" and Bryne appeared
in "The Incredible Journey 2"

The "Pak" with his background

Stephen with Peter Jurasik
"Londo Molari" Babylon 5

Stephen with Richard Biggs
"Dr. Franklin" Babylon 5

Stephen with Stephen Furst
"Vir Cotto" Babylon 5

Stephen with John Rhys Davies
"Sliders" In addition to appearing
on an episode Stephen was
John's stand-in for 2nd season.

Jack Stauffer "Bojay" Battlestar Galatica,
Jason Carter "Marcus Cole" Babylon 5
and Stephen at Pasadena Show

Doing stand-up comedy at Maxim
Hotel in Las Vegas.

Richard Biggs, Jason Carter, Stephen
and Maggie Egan in Seattle, Washington

Stephen with his mother Ellen
and sister Teresa

"Fear Factor" Superbowl promo